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Welcome to Trance Maker. Here you will find loads of information about Hypnosis together with recommendations for books and training courses around the world. Be sure to add you name to our Visitors Book and subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter to receive the latest news and information directly to your mailbox.


Its official! According to government research, stress is now the number one reason for staff illness at work. Are you suffering from the effect of stress but don't realise it? Find out what can cause stress and how to avoid it by clicking here.
How stressed are you? Find out now by taking our online stress test here.

Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming a load of psycho-hype with a posh name?  Allow us to de-mystify the whole NLP system for you.  Learn what NLP is, what it can be used for,  together with several proven NLP strategies by clicking here.
The Dreaded 'H' Word! What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy really? Do you really lose control? What does it feel like to be hypnotised? Find out the truth with our Introduction To Hypnosis by clicking here.

We have book recommendations for beginners and professionals alike here.
Coming Soon! We will be detailing where and how you can become a professionaly qualified hypnotist.
Do you have your own hypnosis or NLP Site? Add a link to it here.
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