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Want to know something specific about hypnosis?  View the most common questions with our answers or ask your own question by clicking here.

The use of hypnosis has been recorded since the beginning of mankind.  In the last few centuries, three people are widely recognised as being the leading pioneers in the field of hypnosis.  They are Mesmer, Braid and Erickson. Read about them  here.

Hypnotists are often considered to be 'magicians of the mind' and able to create miracles.  Many hypnotists like to hide behind this facade as it brings a form of showmanship to their work.  In fact hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon. Find out more here.

Everybody experiences trance in a different way - it is a unique experience for everyone.  What is a trance and what are the most common experiences that people report? For more information click here.

The use of hypnotherapy is now being finally recognised by more and more members of the medical profession.  Research has now demonstrated that by hypnotherapy instead of normal prescribed drugs, patients are able to rid themselves of many illnesses, phobias and stress related symptoms. Click here to learn more.

While you are reading this your brain is busy regulating your heartbeat and breathing.  On average we only use about 12% of our brain capability.  So what happens to the rest - what does it do and why?  Click here to learn more.