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NLP Books

NLP Workbook

Joseph O'Connor

The Book Says:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the systematic study of human communication and how we create our subjective world with all its pains and pleasures.  It is also the study of exceptional talent: how outstanding individuals and organisations get their results.  With NLP everyone can be naturally talented.

NLP is not only a collection of effective techniques, it is also a way of thinking based on curiosity, exploration and fun.

The NLP Workbook is a complete guide to NLP and includes:

  • The principles of NLP clearly explained in an easy-to-follow format,
  • All of the basic NLP techniques and training exercises,
  • A guide to what techniques to use and where.

Some of the topics discussed in detail are: rapport and trust, changing emotional states, how to visualise, negotiation skills, mental rehearsal, the language of the conscious and unconscious, and coaching.

  Trance Maker Says:
  A pretty good introduction to NLP.  The basics are explained clearly with a good use of diagrams to further explain a complex point.  A worthy purchase for the beginner looking to get his/her NLP feet wet.

The User's Manual For The Brain

Bob G. Bodenhamer, D,Min, & L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

The Book Says:
Available for the very first time in bound-book format, this is the most comprehensive manual to date covering the NLP Practitioner Course.  A fully revised and updated edition, it contains the very latest developments in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, particularly with regard to the Meta-States model and the Meta-model of language. For all those embarking on Practitioner training or wishing to study to Practitioner level at home this book is your essential companion.  Written and designed by two of the most important theorists in NLP today, The User's Manual For The Brain covers every aspect of the Practitioner programme, including the very latest insights.

The User's Manual For The Brain:

  • fully explains the NLP model and techniques,
  • systematically examines the NLP Language Model and NLP Neurology Model,
  • comprehensively introduces Advanced NLP.

Thoroughly structured and expertly organised.  The User's Manual For The Brain is written in an inviting manner, punctuated by key points, and packed with useful illustrations and diagrams that make NLP as accessible as possible to you.  Offering a wealth of exercises and techniques, this guide simply provides you with an excellent opportunity to get the most out of NLP.

  Trance Maker Says:
  An excellent book, well presented.  Loads of ideas and techniques to practice as you learn about NLP.  Quite expensive compared to some of the other books but it is a hardback with nearly 400 pages.  Well worth it in our opinion.

NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement

Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner (The NLP Comprehensive Training Team)

The Book Says:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development based on the astonishing discovery that by changing how you think, you can transform what you think.  It helps you modify your thought and behavioural patterns to suit your projected goals.  NLP literally 'reprograms' your mind and your life - for faster learning, better relationships and greater success.

NLP will change your life.  It has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships and achieve greater success.  Now the NLP Comprehensive Training Team, a world-class team of counsellors, coaches and consultants, draw on years of personal and professional experience to create the most effective guidebook ever to learning and applying this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.  You can learn how to:

  • Master powerful techniques of persuasion and negotiation,
  • Eliminate fears, phobias and low self-esteem in minutes,
  • Learn the success secrets of top achievers and much more!

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement provides a step-by-step guide through specific programmes for learning the characteristics of top achievers and creating a blueprint for unlimited success.  Every chapter includes exercises to help you master specific NLP techniques, and a new 21 day programme, created especially for this book, provides the essential skills you'll need to achieve peak performance in business and life.

  Trance Maker Says:
  Andreas and Faulkner are both well known in the NLP field having edited or authored several books on the subject between them.   There are some very useful ideas in this well presented book.  Our only objection is that the typeface is quite small making it quite difficult to read for prolonged periods.

Frogs Into Princes

Richard Bandler & John Grinder

The Book Says:
FROGS INTO PRINCES was first published in 1979 in the U.S.A. and has since become  the best selling book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), with over 350,000 copies having been sold worldwide.

NLP is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication.  using the principles of NLP it is possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way that allows you to make many deep and lasting changes quickly and easily.

Everything written in this book is explicit, and can be verified quickly in your own experience.  There is no hocus-pocus and you will not be asked to take on any new beliefs, only to suspend them long enough to test the concepts and procedures of NLP in your own sensory experience.

Using the techniques of NLP you can learn to:

  • Cure phobias and other unpleasant feeling responses,
  • Help children and adults with learning disabilities (spelling and reading problems etc) overcome these limitations,
  • Eliminate most unwanted habits - smoking, drinking, over-eating, insomnia, etc.,
  • Make changes in the interactions of couples, families and organisations so that they function in ways that are more satisfying and productive.
  Trance Maker Says:
  Without doubt this is one of the essential books for any person wishing to understand and learn about NLP.  Written by the originators of NLP, this book is a must!